Big Window Theatre Company was formed in 2006 and specialises in theatre for very young children and their families.


We believe in creating professional theatre with high production values that is accessible to all children and their families, geographically, economically and culturally. We aim to promote the development of local talent and to work in collaboration with other local theatre practitioners and companies in order to contribute to theatre of excellence within the East Midlands.

Current Production:


Big Window Theatre  presents

If All The World Were Paper

By Mike Kenny


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NOTTINGHAM - 16-17/02,  BRENTFORD - 18-22/02, LONDON -  23/02, LINCOLN - 2/03,  SOUTHAMPTON -  9-10/03, LEICESTER - 17/03

SPALDING - 9/04,   BURY ST EDMUND - 29/05, NORWICH - 1/06, COVENTRY - 2/06.