"It's night time. The moon is up. Yasmin and Sam reach across the dark and slip into a magical world of dreams...."


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"DreamPlay" an interactive play for very young children and their families.


Join Yasmin and Sam as they are drawn into the magical, playful world, where dreams appear out of nowhere and you become part of their story....


Big Window Theatre supports the belief that "Play is an essential part of a young child's early development and creating a love of stories can contribute to both their growth as an individual and their life long learning."


We welcome visitors to our shows but ask that you contact Janet Young on 07769657083 or email her at jan@bigwindowtheatre.com to arrange a time to attend. We play to very young children and limit our audiences so that they are not overwhelmed with 'big people.'

Yasmin: RebeccaD'Souza

Sam: Guy Evans



Writer: Peter Rumney


Designer: Nettie Scriven

Assistant to Designer: Olivia Morton


Music by Dan Willis


Movement by Liz Clarke


Stage Manager: Beth Williams


Student Placement: Fransisca Angus


Marketing: Janet Young


Director: Penny Breakwell

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