If All The World Were Paper


By Mike Kenny


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Big Window Theatre and AJTC

In Association with Nottingham Lakeside Arts



If All The World Were Paper

By Mike Kenny


Touring from February 16th to April 24th 2019





Frank and George are old old friends. But for years now they’ve been painter and decorators.


They’re old friends,

Best friends,

But they don't always see eye to eye.


Frank likes things ‘just so.’


George tends to be a bit more ‘that’ll do.’


‘Slap dash.’





And here they are, back to paint the climbing frame

In the playground, where once they used to play as children.

Though many years have passed

They are just the same as they always were.


‘If everyone were just the same

And you were just like me

And did the things I asked you to

How much nicer things would be.’


This is about friendship and falling out.


Friendship is important in a child’s life but they do fall out, make up, yet remain best of friends. Understanding friendship and loyalty is part of growing up. ‘If All The World Were Paper’ explores friendship, understanding and loyalty in an hilarious and poignant way.


Director Penny Breakwell




Designer Irene Jade




Composer Dan Willis




Actors Iain Armstrong, Michael Jasper




Marketing Laura Sampson



Tour dates will be published soon.